Sunrise on Nature

Hi, I'm Shannon Marone


I have been working in the field of art therapy and counseling for over ten years. I started my private practice in order to fulfill my dream of helping others find deeper connection and meaning in life through art-making and reconnection with the natural environment.

At a young age I found that art was a way I could express myself freely. It served as a way to communicate when words failed. I continue to create my own art as a way to stay connected with my soul self and to help guide me as I work with others.


I am a lover of animals and nature, feeling most at home and at peace when I am outdoors among wildlife. I am a Wild Woman Project Circle Leader and strive to help women reconnect with their ancient, divine, wild selves and to build a community of sisterhood. In my quest toward helping womxn, I have completed the DONA birth doula training and have assisted in the birthing process.


Over the past year, I have begun my study of Herbalism, learning about the powerful healing power of plants. I am now in my second year of study and am currently working towards my Flower Essence Practitioner Certification.  

Licensed Professional Counselor, CT License # 003268
Registered Art Therapist # 15-164

Master's of Art in Art Therapy & Counseling, Albertus Magnus College
Bachelor's of Science in Art Therapy & Environmental Studies, Lesley University

Wildcrafted Apothecary, Level III Training, A Foraging & Herbal Product Development Apprenticeship (in progress), 120 Hours
Flower  Essence Therapy Practitioner Training (in progress), 125 Hours
The Art of Flower Essence Therapy
Herbal Practice & Protocol, Level II Training (in progress), 200 Hours of Study Upon Completion
Foundations of Herbalism, Level I Training, Certification earned for 175 Hours of Study
Holistic Tarot: The Foundations of Tarot, 6 wk course
Foundations of Astrology, 6 wk course
DONA Birth Doula Training including 1 Assisted Birth
Reiki Attunement

Reiki Attunement
Certified Wild Woman Project Leader
Certified SMART Recovery Counselor
Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor
Dry Leaf