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My Approach

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Soul Work  |  Nature as Spirituality  |  Loving Our Vessels

I enjoy working with womxn who are looking to find their life work and soul's calling. Who desire a stronger connection to the earth and their ancestors and have a desire to slow down. I often work with individuals who carry a great deal of stress in their bodies from past trauma - showing up as autoimmune and hormonal issues. We will work together to find the root of the symptoms arising to allow for healing. My focus is on helping you find meaning in your life while fostering a sense of purpose. We will work together to build your own personal narrative through the use of art, nature, writing and meditation.

As an artist and art therapist, I find that art is a powerful way to express things that words cannot. It is my belief that through building connection with our inner selves and the natural world we can find a sense of belonging, purpose, and joy. I specialize in eating disorders and enjoy working with those who are looking to maintain their recovery.

It is my intention to honor your soul's journey in our work together. I offer a safe and confidential space for fellow healers, empaths, and highly sensitive people to do their own healing through individual counseling. I currently am offering in person and telehealth sessions in the state of Connecticut and am registered as an out of state telehealth therapist in the state of Florida.


Who I Work With

Art Therapy

"Art is a wound turned into light."
-Georges Braque

Art making is a universal language - one that comes naturally to us when we are young, and holds no bias. For centuries, the act of image-making has been a primary mode of communication among us humans. As children creativity, imagination and play come easily. It is a way for us to express ourselves in a free and wild way.​

As a Registered Art Therapist, I love to incorporate art making in session. What does this mean? It means creating imagery using paint, collage, or really any materials you might have on hand. I might encourage you to draw what a certain feeling looks like, or make an image to represent something important we are exploring. It may mean creating something you want to let go of or manifest into your life. Art creates something tangible from something abstract that lives in our heads. And when we create this art form outside of ourselves it can be validating, empowering and enlightening.


Art can communicate things that are difficult or even sometimes impossible to put into words. There is no right way to make art in session. Often times it is actually more about what it feels like to make art than what you end up creating (although many end products become quite treasured).  I see art as a door to our unconscious selves. Once we allow ourselves to open the door, we begin to tap into our inner most authentic self. And that's when the magic happens.​


55 minute session  |  $175

90 minute intake session  |  $225

If paying out of pocket, I can provide you with a claim to submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you have out of network benefits.

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