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What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy provides gentle emotional support through the energetic power of flowers; combining the perfect essences to provide you with the emotional support you are needing. Every blend is uniquely crafted for the individual.

Cherry Blossom

Gentle, Emotional Support

Using the essences is a gentle and supportive practice that helps the body to shed what is no longer needed, while calling in powerful emotional support from the plants.

Flower in Hand

No Contraindications

Flower essences do not have any  adverse reactions to medications or medical conditions. Safe for children, elders, and those who are pregnant.

Yellow Flower

Holistic Alternative to Traditional Healing

Flower essences are a wonderful alternative to medication, if you are looking for a more holistic route to healing.

what to expect

Send an Email

Interested in Flower Essence Therapy? The first step is to email to me at to schedule your initial consultation.

Receive Your Blend

After your consultation, I will craft your flower essence blend especially for you and send it to you by mail or have it available for pick up.

Follow Up Consultation

After taking your blend for about 3-4 weeks, we will meet  for about 20-30 minutes to discuss any changes you've felt and any adjustments you may need to your formula.

Initial Consultation

Your first consultation will be about 40-60 minutes and can be done in person, over Zoom, or by phone. Here we will talk to find what you'd like to focus on & what essenses are recommended.

Email Check-In

During the next four weeks you will receive an email check-in from me for accountability and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Receive Adjusted Blend If Needed

If in your follow up consult we decided on additional essences that may be helpful, you will have the option to purchase this.


Initial Consultation, includes Custom Flower Essence Blend   |  $130

Follow Up Consultation  |  $85


Client Testimonial

"This was my first exposure to flower essence therapy and Shannon was great about educating me on how it all works while also being a great listener when it came to what I was specifically looking for. Having finished my first flower essence, it was amazing to talk with Shannon about how it was going and to really see how it was helping already. I loved introducing something natural and holistic to my self-care and wellness routine and I’m looking forward to my next flower essence."

Get in Touch

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Avon, Connecticut 06001

(860) 498-4525

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